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Monday, May 23, 2016, 17:08
Getting shade on a sunny day is important. That does not mean that you have to stay locked up in your RV though. There are accessories that will help you get a cool breeze even on a warm sunny day. This will help your air conditioning unit not work as hard. When you want to increase the amount of shade, and do not want to be cooped up in your RV, you might want to use a canopy extension. This will provide you with more room so it is perfect if you are having RV visitors, or need more room for people to sleep. It expands out few feet from your RV awning.
The good thing about the extension canopies is that there is no need to have a professional installers, or drill anything into your RV home, they are fairly easy to use. And for the times that the canopy does not prevent the sun from reaching you, there are sun blockers, side blockers, to help with that. They simply zip to the canopy and build fort for you and your group mates. And if you want the utmost protection from a sunny day, there are screen rooms as well.

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